Hello and welcome to the homepage of the Setti Guitar Harness Strap. Anyone who owns an acoustic guitar and wants to be able to play while in a standing position, but doesn't want to have holes and screws drilled into their instrument in order to install a guitar strap is going to love this device. This Screwless Guitar Strap gives the guitar player excellent balance of and control over their instrument and it supports and maintains the structural integrity of the guitar much better than conventional guitar strapping methods.

The Setti Guitar Harness Strap helps people avoid the damaging process of drilling holes and screws into their guitar in order to use a guitar strap. Why pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars on an instrument, just to have someone drill holes and screws into it? That process damages the guitar, and leaves it vulnerable to more issues in the future, such as screw tear out, and various types of damage to the wood of the instrument. Hanging the guitar by screws and pins that are put into the body and neck of the instrument, and letting gravity do its work in between, causes disproportionate pressures and excessive stresses to the body of the instrument that effect the structure and tone of the guitar.

The Setti Guitar Harness Strap is designed to support and maintain the structural integrity of the instrument much better than conventional guitar strapping methods. The main support strap gently cradles and supports the guitar by the rim of the instrument, where it is meant to be held. The main support strap in conjunction with the management straps and containment straps offers the guitar player excellent support, balance, and control over their instrument. The Setti Guitar Harness Strap is much more gentle on, and supportive of the structure of the guitar than conventional guitar strapping methods. This leaves the body of the guitar in a more relaxed neutral state, allowing it to produce better tone than conventional guitar strapping methods.

 This strap is recommended for use on full bodied acoustic guitars(meaning no cutaways). This device easily adjusts to meet the sizes and dimensions of all different types of full bodied acoustic guitars and people. The Setti Guitar Harness Strap is intended for use on acoustic guitars with flat tops and backs. We offer the Setti Guitar Harness Strap in both right and left handed models. There are picture and video instructions on the instructions page in which the proper application and use of this device is discussed. We have demo videos posted throughout our site. Thank you for visiting our website. You may begin the process of placing an order for a Setti Guitar Harness Strap below.

Setti Guitar Harness Strap
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